Al Hijra, The Profound Problem of Muslim Immigration

Al Hijra, The Profound Problem of Muslim Immigration
Al Hijra, The Profound Problem of Muslim Immigration
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The meaning of Al-Hijra is 'to immigrate', and the Islamic calender starts with that date, i.e. The date Muhammad 'immigrated' from Mecca to Medina, for which he had planned carefully and meticulously laying down the groundwork for the Islamic state, soon to grow after his death into a formidable empire ruled by the laws and regulations laid out by him, called the Shariah. 

This first Islamic immigration lies at the very basis of Islamic history and doctrine; it forms the practical and  spiritual path millions of Muslims follow.

We see staggering numbers of immigrants from Muslim countries in Europe, the Americas and now in Australia; too often not to integrate and become Australians, but to form segregated communities based on religious apartheid and demand room and respect in the wider community for Islamic laws, Islamic finances, food and divisive customs. Do our politicians and community leaders understand that jihad, terror and military conquest are merely the other side of the same coin? 

This compact book by Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi gives you the inside knowledge for your own understanding and valueable references points in discussions. No wonder it has won praise from those in the know:

Geert Wilders writes: "I hope that every person in the Western world reads it, including the sleeping political elite. This book should bring about a much needed awakening".

Rev Dr Patrick Sookhedo writes: "Sam Solomon and E Al Maqdisi have provided the general Western public a valuable service in publishing this book."

It is critically important for us to understand that not all migrants come to integrate and become part of Australia. More and more come to make Australia and the West part of the world of Islam. 

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