Al Yahud - Eternal Islamic Enmity and The Jews

Al Yahud - Eternal Islamic Enmity and    The Jews
Al Yahud - Eternal Islamic Enmity and    The Jews
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Bat Ye’or, author of The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under IslamIslam and Dhimmitude: where Civilizations Collide, and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis said this about Al-Yahud:
This most important book examines in depth and with a mastery of basic documents, the crucial issues of our time. What are the sources of the enmity that drive and justify jihad in all its forms? Will Judaism and Christianity survive when global Islam supported by the universal Caliphate’s jihad against Israel enforces its 7th Century claim to be the origin of these two faiths? This is the real meaning of Jihad against Israel.
Sam Solomon and the late Elias Al-Maqdisi have produced in Al-Yahud an indictment of the implacable Islamic hatred towards Jews and Christians. The authors present the exegesis of primal hatred at the core of the Quranic Canon, but they do something more. They make the connection between the doctrinal hatred of Jews and denial of ancient Biblical claims to the Holy Land of Jews and Christians. They use this Islamic doctrinal hatred of Jews to illustrate why a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians will never occur.
More here, also a rare interview with Sam
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