Getting Through - How to talk to non-Muslims about Islam

Getting Through - How to talk to non-Muslims about Islam
Getting Through - How to talk to non-Muslims about Islam Getting Through - How to talk to non-Muslims about Islam
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Getting Through - How to talk to non-Muslims about the disturbing nature of Islam

You have discovered that the doctrines of Islam are unique and disturbing to a non-Muslim.

And then you have tried to tell your family and friends about what you have learned, but you ran into a wall of resistance that is shocking in its intensity. Why? What stands in the way? And what can you do about it? 

In this book you'll discover what is preventing simple communication of basic information about Islam and find new and sometimes surprising ways to get around the barriers to effective communication about a difficult topic. 

'Getting Through' is not a book you read once and then put it away. You will read many chapters time and again and come back when you feel demotivated or hit a wall. This book is coaching and mentoring; but also motivation for the reader to go on a journey: From being a concerned but often speechless citizen you will develop into a more seasoned activist and articulate citizen lobbyist. After all, this is what we need most urgently. 

This book is published by Q Society of Australia Inc and is wholly based on the original U.S. volume of the same title. "Getting Through" was written by CitizenWarrior in collaboration with Bill Warner (Centre for the Study of Political Islam) and was first published in 2012 in the U.S. with support of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition.

Aside from the cover design, localising the spelling and using references to Australian organisations where appropriate, the American and Australian books are identical. 

We thank our American friends for their generous permission to edit and re-publish this most valuable book here in Australia. CitizenWarrior and Bill Warner understand only too well that we are all faced with the same problem, and this problem requires a global response. 

300 pages paperback, printed in Australia



This book is dedicated to those who were curious enough about Islam to learn about it,
and who now want to share what they’ve learned with their fellow citizens.
This often thankless, challenging task is the one most necessary to preserve our liberty.
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